Panel Conference – Best kept secrets to help MSPs grow in 2021

Acronis Panel Conference - 3rd March 2021

Acronis Panel Conference - 3rd March 2021 - Richard TubbI’ll be sharing the best kept secrets to help MSPs grow, as I join Acronis as part of their #CyberFit Events series for this live panel conference.

How can you build a high-margin, low-risk MSP Business in 2021?

This is the question I’ll be helping to answer in my upcoming panel session with Acronis on the 3rd of March at 9.30AM (4.30AM EST).

The best kept secrets to help MSPs grow in 2021

The impact of the pandemic has seen customer requirements for MSPs and Managed Services change rapidly.

MSPs and their clients are faced with new remote work challenges as well as the increased adoption of SaaS applications.

In this innovative conference with Acronis, we’ll be looking at how MSPs can build a high-margin, low-risk business.

During the event, I’ll be joined by industry leaders who will share their best kept secrets to help MSPs grow. Joining me on the day are Acronis’ very own Amy Luby (Channel Chief Evangelist) and Candid Wüest (VP of Cyber Protection Research). Paul Donnelly, CEO and Founder of Teknov8 will also share his unique insights into MSP growth.

I am also excited to be joined by The Tech Tribe Tribal Elders, Mark Copeman and Craig Sharp who will share their knowledge on MSP Growth and Operations.

Acronis Panel Conference Agenda

What are the secrets to help MSPs grow?

During the panel conference, you’ll learn how to;

  • Quickly build a new MSP or elevate your existing MSP business and services mix to meet these new demands.
  • Grow revenues and simplify renewals.
  • Interact with channel, business and cybersecurity leaders via live Q&A.
  • Get ready to evolve into a more profitable, competitive MSP business model in 2021!
Join me and @Acronis to discover how to build a High-Margin, Low-Risk MSP Business, as we share our best kept secrets to help MSPs grow in 2021. Click to Tweet

How to Register for the Session

The panel conference takes place live on the 3rd of March at 9.30AM (4.30AM EST).

Click here and register for the event.

As always, we make these presentations as interactive as possible, so come prepared with your toughest questions!

Will there be a recording of this session?

This presentation will be recorded and made available to view on-demand, so you’ll still be able to discover my secrets to help MSPs grow!

Click here and register to be notified when the recording is available.

Build and sustain a more profitable MSP Business in 2021

During this interactive conference, the panels will delve into the challenges they’ve previously faced and share how they solved these.

After the session, you’ll leave with actionable items, a stronger network and tools to help you grow a successful, resilient MSP business.

As a result, you’ll discover how to start a profitable MSP or adapt an existing business to better support remote working services.

Cybersecurity and MSP growth will be a focus. We’ll explain how you can implement low-risk, high-margin cyber protection services suite.

Towards the end of the event we’ll look at how to cost-effectively manage and protect SaaS applications, from onboarding to security.

Are you ready to discover my secrets to help MSPs grow?

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