Webinar: Protect Your MSP from Phishing Attacks

Protect Your MSP from phishing attacks

Protect Your MSP from phishing attacks

With phishing attacks on the increase, as an IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP), how do you educate your clients to stay safe and protect themselves?

That’s the topic we covered in my webinar with Cloud Email Security specialists Graphus!

Protect Your MSP from Phishing Attacks

Did you know that 90% of incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email?

As a result, Phishing attacks are a real problem for businesses of all sizes.

Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their scams with new lures and new tricks to catch the unwary creating new dangers for your business.

Therefore, you need the right tools to deal with a data breach.

In our webinar, we give you practical tips and advice that will help you protect your relationship with your MSP clients.

A #phishing attack is a when, not IF situation for all MSP owners. Watch the #webinar replay from @graphusinc (part of the @KaseyaCorp family) and @tubblog for advice for #MSPs on dealing with #datasecurity. Click to Tweet

During the webinar, we looked at:-

  • Why phishing attacks endanger your clients’ business *and* your MSP business
  • How you can prevent data breaches within your clients
  • Tips on how MSPs can close security gaps across your client base

How to Access the Recording of This Session

This session was recorded and is now available to view on-demand. Click here to access the replay.

Phishing attacks are no longer an if but when problem for small businesses.

As a result, your MSP business may find it difficult to prevent a data breach.

However, after watching the webinar replay you’ll feel more confident about supporting your clients through a challenging time and be able to help them recover quicker.

If you’ve got any comments or feedback get in touch  🙂

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