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Meet Team Tubb

One of the most common questions I’m (flatteringly) asked about my work is “How do you manage to get so much done?”.

The honest answer is… I definitely don’t do it alone! I have a fantastic team of skilled colleagues and Virtual Assistants (VA’s) who help me get stuff done to a very high standard. I’m a great believer in outsourcing, delegating and surrounding myself with people who are better than I am.

If you’re interested in How You Can Work With a Virtual Administrator to Grow Your Business then feel free to ask me any questions.

Here are the friends I affectionately refer to as “Team Tubb”. Take a moment to say hello to them!

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Join us each month as we take you behind the scenes of Team Tubb, the driving force behind Tubblog – The Hub for MSPs. We’ll show you everything from webinars to public speaking, team meetings to content planning, socialising to international locations. We also want to hear from you!

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James Ede image

James Ede

James Ede is our brilliant podcast editor and the magic behind TubbTalk, The Podcast for IT Consultants. What he doesn’t know about podcasting and audio isn’t worth knowing.

Based out of Bexhill-on-sea, James is also a volunteer for HM Coastguard where he can be found doing cliff rescue, water rescue, and search and rescue along the coast.

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Gudrun Lauret

Gudrun is our content editor and oversees content created for the website, social media and the podcast. Working closely with our vendor manager they are a content machine with a focus on promotion and engagement.

Gudrun splits her time between Gateshead in the North East of the UK and France, taking her work on the road with her.

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Mark Orr

Mark is our video expert, and is responsible for turning the video footage I throw at him into something that’s actual viewable — no mean feat!

Mark is a native of the North-East of the UK and a volunteer at Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club.

If you want help filming video footage with your Smartphone, then Mark can assist you with his Pocket Video School.

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Lara Johnson image

Lara Johnson

Lara is our Studio Manager. She is here as the main point of contact within the team and responsible for making sure the team are running seamlessly to get the best out of everyone, including myself!

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Kareena Barat image

Kareena Barat

Kareena is our Executive Assistant, and helps manage Team Tubb’s inboxes and calendars. Kareena keeps logistics running smoothly so we can stay focused on special projects!

Organisation is Kareena’s game and she loves taking the tedious tasks away so the operations are smooth.

In her own time, Kareena loves taking photos, wandering through nature, experimenting with interesting cuisines and getting lost in exotic cities.

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Stephen McCormick image

Stephen McCormick

Steve is an IT business analyst and our MSP Community Manager. His knowledge of the industry is invaluable to his role with TeamTubb. Steve is based in Birmingham. He is keenly interested in a range of geek hobbies, including Tabletop Board Games, and Live Action Roleplay (LARP).  He also writes a travel blog when he can get away:

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Pascal Fintoni

Pascal Fintoni is our Content Marketing Strategist with over 25 years experience in digital marketing and online business development.

He works alongside Team Tubb to develop new and exciting campaigns for our MSP and Vendor communities.

Pascal is the host and co-producer of several video and podcast series, he is passionate about films and has successfully introduced many of the storytelling techniques used by filmmakers into his coaching to help clients create better online content faster.

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Lenka Koppova image

Lenka Koppova

Lenka is not only a brilliant marketing strategist, but also a super-organised person perfect for the role of Operations Manager.

Whether it’s turning the bigger picture into actionable steps, managing and delivering projects on time or making sure that everyone on the team is happy and able to work in flow, she’s a natural when it comes to streamlining processes.

In her free time, Lenka loves spending time hiking in nature, but also reading books and learning new things. Her current obsession is neuroscience and getting a better understanding of how humans work under the hood.

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