I’m Richard Tubb, a consultant to IT business owners.

For years I have been fortunate enough to regularly sit down and talk with the most successful and smartest people within the IT industry. 

At the end of those conversations, I have frequently thought “Wow! That was gold! I wish I could share that conversation with others!”.

Now, I’m sharing those conversations with you through my podcast!

In TubbTalk – the Podcast for IT Consultants – I invite you to eavesdrop on to my conversations with the IT industries top thought leaders. 

Learn from the best and listen to the latest insights, news and reviews from the world of IT!

The Podcast for IT Consultants

Whether you are an IT Consultant, an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) or an IT Solution Provider business owner, TubbTalk – the Podcast for IT Consultants – will help you with valuable advice on how to be the best at what you do.

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In a special episode, Craig Sharp delivers a presentation on “How to be a Remarkable MSP” at the Continuum Partner Event in London. e talked about how IT businesses need to be different in order to grow and provided real-life examples to inspire his audience.

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