TubbTalk 97: How to Effectively use Email Security to Keep Your MSP Clients Safe

Amazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSP. Email security

Amazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSP

An Interview with Olesia KlevchuckAmazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSP. Email security

Olesia Klevchuk is the Principal Product Marketing Manager for Email Security at Barracuda Networks. Barracudaare a cybersecurity company. They provide security solutions for organisations all over the world.

And they offer email, network and application security as well as data protection. In addition, they’re the partner of choice for businesses from North America, Asia and Europe. So, they’re ideal for anyone who needs to take security seriously.

Barracuda’s Email Security

A lot of threats come through email, says Olesia. Phishing attacks are at the top of most data breaches. Everyone receives so many emails on a daily basis. Hackers have found the weakest spot to get into a network.

They’ve developed ways to bypass traditional email security solutions. And this is why Barracuda have focused on developing new ways to protect their clients. So, they use AI and machine learning to find ways to deter the hackers.

Where Cybercriminals Focus to Exploit Email Security Vulnerabilities

In recent years, hackers have focused on social engineering tactics. These are much more successful. And they carefully craft emails that look genuine. Most importantly, to block them requires a sophisticated tool.

AI and machine learning recognise patterns of communication within the organisation and then identifies anomalous emails. But, Olesia says, detection isn’t enough, because one day the email gets through. Then, you need a quick response to the attack. 

Email Security Trends

Email threats are increasing in complexity and succeeding quite a lot of times. Hackers have moved from spam and malware to emails that look genuine. They no longer rely on a spray and pray approach – they target an individual.

They’re organised and have a lot of resources at their disposal. They research their targets carefully, says Olesia. And, the focus is no long getting inside and causing havoc – the hackers want money, and usually a lot of money.

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How to Help MSPs Detect Threats

Threats are harder to detect than they were before. And Olesia says Barracuda spots around 97% or attacks before they happen.

Some technologies are incredibly accurate at detecting high-volume attacks from a bad IP or with a malicious payload.

So the personalised emails are harder to spot, because hackers are sending them from genuine Gmail accounts with no link or attachment.

Therefore, the email isn’t flagged as malicious. As a result the hacker uses it to gain access to a network. 

The Mistakes MSPs Make with Keeping Their Clients Safe

It’s important to remember that what used to keep your clients safe might not work anymore. Don’t just stop at threat prevention; prepare for the 1% that get through. You need a gateway, but you also need to educate your clients on staying safe.

Have a security awareness programme in place, and help clients to be proactive about reporting suspicious emails. And, have a security plan in place with a data backup and restore process if the worst happens. Minimise the damage.

How to Protect Clients Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have been devastating over the past 12 months because they’ve grown in complexity. Furthermore, the criminals aren’t just asking for $1,000; they’re asking for millions.

Hackers know that emails are scanned for links, attachments and other things that look suspicious. So, they now ask the victim for their credentials. And they use a multi-step approach to gain access to the organisation.

The first step for MSPs is to make sure the emails are protected, and then to secure applications. Many SMBs use Office 365. However, this is vulnerable. Because M365 only backs up data for 30 days. And then you have no protection. So a third-party solution like Barracuda’s is recommended.

Why Olesia Chose a Career in Tech

Technology is always changing, says Olesia. So it’s never boring. “And there’s always something new to learn, to do. It’s all around us. And I believe that everyone needs some form of security.

“Because hackers aren’t going anywhere; they’re just getting smarter. And the use of machine learning is fascinating. So the space is evolving around us.  As a result, there’s a lot to do. And being in security feels like you’re fighting the bad guys.”

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