How Journaling and Trying New Things can Improve Your Business and Your Life – TubbTalk #37

TubbTalk 37 - Geoff Nicholson

Richard talks to Geoff Nicholson, a performance coach specialising in the field of high performance, about journaling, mindfulness and his own podcast show.

An Interview with Geoff Nicholson

Who is Geoff Nicholson?TubbTalk 37 - Geoff Nicholson

Geoff is a performance coach specialising in the field of high performance, resilience and stress management for high-performing individuals and organisations, supporting them to get the maximum performance and productivity with the benefit of creating a better harmony between work and life.

He explains that a performance coach supports an individual to work at their peak level and live at the highest level as well. By utilising their existing skills, they can output the maximum beneficial results for them.

How did Geoff Become a Coach?

Originally, Geoff expected to work in the family confectionery business. He had a spell as a printer before a life-changing experience – having meningitis twice within a 12-month period. He was off work for six years, on house rest for four years, bedbound for 12 months, sleeping 20 hours a day.

Suffering from clinical depression, at his lowest point, Geoff was prepared to do something drastic. He had a moment of clarity at the point where things had come to a head and decided to do something about his life. He felt he needed to get his life on track, firstly to establish what he needed, and then to find a mission to help other people move from desperation to an inspired life.

Why We Need to Focus on Ourselves

Geoff thinks there’s too much emphasis on entrepreneurs having to hustle and to work 50 to 100 hours a week to be successful and achieve the results they want. He says: “In my personal experience, people actually need to do something else to reach their goals.”

'There's too much emphasis on working long hours. Everything should be in harmony, and happiness & fulfilment come from balance' Geoff Nicholson @GNCoach Click to Tweet

Enjoying your work is fine but things need to be in harmony and to have the happiness and fulfilment we’re all looking for, you need to be careful that you put as much of your energy into your personal life as you go into work, before it’s too late.

Why Business Owners Should try Journaling

Successful business owners and thought leaders such as Tony Robbins are committed to journaling, and they do it because they get results. There’s evidence of how it helps blood pressure, helps concentration, creativity, and generally how your body works.

Geoff says there are two kinds of journaling, and it’s up to the individual which one they do. Freewriting means getting a notebook, putting a date at the top and dumping your thoughts.

Other people prefer more structure, and there are both apps and physical books, such as the Five Minute Journal. Journaling helps you to process things and encourages gratitude for even the smallest successes of your day. Your journal can be a positive reminder of good things when you’re giving yourself a hard time.

There's evidence that journaling helps blood pressure, helps concentration, creativity, and generally how your body works. Click to Tweet

The Tools Geoff Uses in His Business

Geoff uses a number of tools in his business to make things run smoothly and efficiently. He uses Trello for his projects, as he finds the Kanban option for making lists helpful.

For day to day tasks, he prefers Asana, which he feels is less cluttered. He swears by Evernote, which he uses to record everything. He often adds photos of pages from his journal, as well as grouping important notes by category, such as family and business.

He’s also a fan of subscription service Briefcase from AppSumo. This gives you access to a huge range of apps and software, including SEO tracking and a calendar, for a small monthly fee.

The Success IQ Podcast

Geoff’s podcast, The Success IQ, is just about to hit its 100th episode. He interviews entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business owners, with the intention of helping his listeners to ‘create and live an exceptional life’. He chooses guests he thinks will provide value, offering advice and suggestions on all aspects of life and business and sharing the benefit of their experience.

From this, Geoff is growing a membership site, the Success Alliance, to give people ‘a cost-effective way to get the resources, strategies, tools and techniques to help them build a positive mindset.’

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