TubbTalk 111: M365 Cloud Secure, VoIP and Giacom: Keep Your MSP up to Date

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An Interview with Matt Jarrett Cloud

Matt Jarett is the co-founder of DaMTech, which supports small businesses in the North East of England. He describes them as a hybrid MSP, offering cloud, VoIP and software solutions. However, their SMB clients also need help with CCTV, cabling and other general tech advice.

Why DaMTech Chose to Partner with Giacom

Matt explains the main reason they selected Giacom is that their portal is easier to use than similar companies. It’s responsive and quick to add licences to client accounts.

Additionally, Matt likes having a named account manager. He knows who his main contact is, it’s easy to speak to that person, and they’ve had the same account manager for a long time.

Giacom have a wide product range. Therefore, when DaMTech have a client with a specific need, it’s hard to know which option of several will be the best fit. Having someone who can quickly explain the solutions makes it much easier. 

Using M365 Cloud Solutions with Giacom

Microsoft 365 is a big part of DaMTech’s offering – they use it for backup, security and spam filters. Matt says Giacom offers a bundle called 365 Secure, which provides all the licences an MSP needs.

Plus, they provide backup with Acronis, and a mail security product called Vade. It’s easy to sell this to the customer – there’s one price to present. The client doesn’t have time for proposals; they know what they need and they want to know the price.

If the client is already with Giacom, Matt says it’s one-button press to integrate them with 365 Secure. For new clients, it’s a case of selecting secure licences instead of standard. Matt says it takes only slightly longer than if they’re existing Giacom users.

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How Acronis Through Giacom Saves Time

Matt explains that everything he needs is integrated by Giacom, so he just goes and finds the licence. Then, simply select 365 Secure. The dashboard creates the Acronis and vendor accounts, and he just does some configuration to get things up and running.

Furthermore, the tool runs on its own, so he can give clients access to it when they’re ready. Some clients, Matt says, are hands-on and want to do restores themselves. For them, the portal is easy to use. And for those who want it done for them, DaMTech have easy access.

The Microsoft Cloud Offerings Matt Likes

New things are added by Microsoft all the time, so Matt says there’s a lot to keep up with. Fortunately, it’s all integrated, and there’s only a single sign on required. And there aren’t multiple charges for each product – there’s one flat fee.

Matt gives the example of a multi-site client, who uses Azure. Then, they simply sit down at a computer in any of their sites, log in and get straight into their email. “Their shared folders all appear, they don’t need multiple passwords. That, to me, is a game changer for businesses.” 

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How MSPs can Secure Client Data in the Cloud

“Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a hot topic at the moment,” says Matt. “We use lots of different tools and services, so a password manager makes a big difference. And, we encourage our clients to do the same.”

Matt admits that there’s sometimes resistance from clients. But DaMTech are committed to rolling out 2FA to all their clients. “They don’t like change, or they don’t want to use their personal mobile for work, but we manage to overcome their objections.”

What is 2FA? Read more here.

Why DaMTech Offer VoIP Services

DaMTech’s VoIP provider offers a flexible product, which suits the differing needs of each client. Some want a desk phone, others want something portable, and some want a soft phone. VoIP fits all those scenarios.

“You can make the system as big or as small as you want. If you want to look like a big company with option menus, hold music and all that kind of exciting stuff, you can. And if you just want your phone to ring it can do that.”

Some clients are surprised that their IT provider offers telecoms – they think they need an engineer. But perceptions are changing, Matt says. “Because now it’s internet-based, people are more likely to associate the two. We get more people asking questions about how we can help.”

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