TubbTalk 99: The Top Ways to Move Your MSP Business to a Cybersecurity Focus

Amazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSP Cybersecurity

Amazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSPAn Interview with Jennifer Bleam Amazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSP Cybersecurity

Jennifer Bleam runs MSP Sales Revolution. She works with a small number of MSPs to help them scale the cybersecurity mountain.

She helps them with pricing, packaging and a go-to market strategy. This includes sales and marketing, time management and financials.

Why Using a Framework Makes it Easier to Talk Cybersecurity with Clients

There are so many tools out there that it’s hard to explain them to your clients. MSP owners can’t talk about AI or algorithms. Clients only care about the results they get from using a tool. And being cybersecurity safe.

Jennifer encourages her coaching clients to use a framework to explain the importance of cybersecurity. Both the UK’s NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) and the US version – NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology set out a framework.

So, when you talk to a client, make it clear that the government requires them to be compliant with the framework. In order to do that, they need your help. This gives you credibility and overcomes objections. You’re selling something that’s a legal requirement for their business.

What does the Cyber Essentials Framework look like? This article explains more, and tells you how to apply.

How Jennifer Helps MSPs Sell Cybersecurity and Close Sales

Jennifer has developed a ‘secret sauce’ to help her MSP clients close sales. She says that everyone has a sales system, even if it’s not designed as one. Your system is set up to deliver the close rate you regularly hit. If you want a better close rate, then you need to improve the system.

Secondly, we’ve all been told that to be an expert at anything requires 10,000 hours of practice. That’s true if you want to be a world-class violinist in the London Philharmonic. But if you want to play in a local band, studies have found you only need to invest 20 hours. It requires focused time and attention. And the same applies to sales.

The Tool all MSPs Should Have in Their Cybersecurity Stack

Often MSPs are offering password management to clients as an afterthought. However, Jennifer says it should be top of your list when it comes to cybersecurity. “There’s solid focus on preventing threats getting in. But not so much on when it gets in through other layers of protection.

“You need something in place when things fail, because they will. It’s a cycle: detect, respond, recover, and then you start all over again.” It’s hard for MSPs to admit that tools fail, but you must. No security stack is 100% perfect.

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MSP Assumptions to Challenge on Sales and Cybersecurity

Jennifer says that MSPs often assume their clients wouldn’t buy something because the tool is too expensive. Or they can’t see how it would help them. Don’t make the buying decision for them and think they don’t want what you offer.

Another common misconception is that MSPs think their clients are already aware that cybersecurity is a big deal. So if they want support with it, they’d ask. Most small business owners aren’t. That’s why you need to sell it to them, and use a framework to help.

Jennifer’s Tips for Successful MSP Marketing

Many MSP owners say they’re bad at marketing. But the challenge is that somebody has to do it. As the owner, don’t just hire a marketing manager and leave them to find leads. You need to understand marketing basics at least.

It’s fine to outsource what you’re not good at, but know the outcome you want to achieve. Have KPIs and enable the marketing manager to get the right results so you hit your business goals.

Jennifer’s one piece of advice is to select a tactic or strategy and plan to execute on that consistently for a minimum of 6 – 12 months. Results don’t happen overnight. You’ll start to see a change within three months. And a tangible result after six months. By 12 months you’ll see it’s really working.

Using Video and Webinars in Your Marketing Strategy

Jennifer says video is the tool to use because people love to consume content that way. She explains that there is a difference between videos and webinars: video is evergreen content. It could be a short educational piece to answered a question. Use it at the top of the funnel.

“Webinars are for the middle or bottom of the funnel. People are a little more educated and looking for a solution.” A good way to do a webinar is to get two or three other people in your industry together. Then, talk about a topic that’s important to viewers. They learn and they can ask questions.

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