Interested in working with me? I keep it simple by offering two options...

Rent Richards Brain

If you want to pick my brains, then a Rent Richard’s Brain call will be just the thing

Price: £347

Our session will be a super-focused 40-minute MSP Consultancy video call with no waffle, no filler — just you and I getting straight to the heart of the challenges you’re currently wrestling with.

The Tech Tribe

One of the World’s Most Loved Programs and Communities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Price: $49/month (Hint:- See additional 40% discount coupon below!)

Being part of The Tech Tribe allows you to:

  • Fast track your success with help from Industry Experts who have been there before you.
  • Share your journey with a Tribe of other people just like you. People running MSP’s, IT Service Providers and Technology Businesses.
  • Find what you should and shouldn’t be working on IN and ON your business.

And much, MUCH more 🤓