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Richard Tubb of Tubblog

Recommended By Richard Tubb

You’re working 70 hours plus a week but you’re not growing your MSP at the pace you’d like, you’re not reaping the benefits for your time financially and you starting to feel like all of your hard work is for nothing. In other words, you’re tired, frustrated, with very little work life balance and you’re in need of some help.

Does this sound familiar? First of all I want you to know that I get it - I’ve been exactly where you are right now and felt the same way. Secondly, I’ve found the perfect solution to help you out of your current situation.

Three words. The Tech Tribe.

What is The Tech Tribe?

The Tech Tribe is a membership community created by my friend and Tribal Leader Nigel Moore.

Nigel decided to launch The Tech Tribe after realising his passion for teaching Technology entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses following on from the success of his own. 

The beauty of this is that Nigel, just like me, started off his journey where you are now. He went from working 70-90 hour weeks making very little progress to owning a 7 figure Technology Business that only needed him to work in it for 5-10 hours per week. After realising that he wanted to coach Technology business owners, he sold his business and launched The Tech Tribe. 

Therefore, that’s what Nigel focuses on today – teaching MSP owners like you across the globe the systems and processes you need in place to build a successful, sustainable business. 

I, Richard Tubb, have been so impressed by Nigel’s work in The Tribe, that I have now made The Tech Tribe my own home.

As a result, you can find me in the Tech Tribe online forums every day. Plus, I also host a monthly “Tribal Gathering” where I answer your questions live on air.

The IT Owners Survival Guide by Richrd Tubb


Join The Tech Tribe, via this page and you will automatically be given a SPECIAL: Friend of Tech Tribe Referral Discount coupon code giving you a 40% discount off your first month! 

Plus, send me a screenshot of your payment receipt and I’ll send you your choice of one of my books – free!

What’s inside The Tech Tribe?

Join The Tech Tribe and you’ll get access to the following: 

  • Training: Nigel, myself and other Tribal Elders train Technology Business owners like you, who want to get more out of their life and business and who have the determination to go and get it.
  • Community: The membership includes full access to the Tribal community, with exclusive masterminds (both online and in-person) focused on high performance frameworks so members get maximum results.
  • Monthly Live Q’n’A’s: Each month, you can join one of our Live Q+A calls which are hosted by our Tribal Elders. You can directly ask these MSP Experts about your biggest challenges and they’ll brainstorm with you live on the call.
  • In-Person Meetups: From time to time, there’ll be chances to join your fellow Tech Tribers in-person around this crazy planet of ours.  Meetups so far in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia and these will grow as the Tribe grows
  • Industry Perks: We’re constantly negotiating with vendors in the MSP space to persuade them to offer discounts and bonuses to our members.


Open to Tech Tribers and non-Tribers!

Those who know, understand that the IT community is a powerful way to help you grow your own business while you help others.

The Tech Tribe Local Tribal Gatherings are a monthly peer group where Managed Service Provider (MSP) owners, MSP vendors and other IT community members get together to exchange ideas, best practices and discuss how to succeed in the world of Managed Services.

Each group lead runs their group in their own specific way, but typically, each meeting is approx 2.5 hours long, with two round-table discussions on a topic of the month, often segmented by a refreshment break (Pizza!).

Words from Nigel Moore

MSP owners face so many challenges - winning new clients, how to implement systems that deliver results and marketing to name but a few - all while delivering a high quality, proactive service for existing clients and managing the day-to-day running of the business.

It’s tough, but with the right mindset, training, processes and support from a community of like-minded business owners, you can achieve the success you want. That’s what The Tech Tribe is about - helping you achieve your desired business growth.

I genuinely believe that the growth opportunity for MSPs is bigger now than it’s ever been before and I’ve created The Tech Tribe to help you seize that opportunity in a fun, fulfilling and profitable way. Click on the link below to find out more about The Tech Tribe and to join our community.

If you want to know more about Nigel Moore and The Tech Tribe, listen to his guest appearance on my TubbTalk Podcast for IT Consultants.