Tubbservatory Round-Up #3 – March 2022

Tubbservatory Round-Up #3 - March 2022

Tubbservatory Round-Up #3 - March 2022

Tubbservatory Round-Up – What is it?

Each week Richard throws a spotlight on five resources Managed Service Provider (MSPs) business owners should take note of in the IT industry. The Tubbservatory is a weekly video broadcast featuring useful articles, podcasts and events that bring value to IT business owners.

Tubbservatory Round-Up #3 – March 2022 is a collection of all of the broadcasts made in March 2022, edited together for you to watch at your convenience. In addition, the items are summarised below, with links to the resources mentioned in the video.

In this month’s episode: resources on hybrid working, cybersecurity, women in tech and mental health.


Tubbservatory Round-Up #3 March 2022 Video


Tubbservatory Round-Up #3: March – Week 1

#1 Joshua Liberman on the Ideal Security Stack

Joshua Liberman has written a series of guest articles for SuperOps.ai on the ideal security stack.

Joshua runs a security-focused MSP in the USA called Net Sciences Inc.

These articles break down the various options available to MSPs and how to arrive at a concept that will fit their clients’ needs.

It’s definitely worth a read if you’re an MSP looking to improve your security offerings.

#2 Github Opens Security Advisory Database to Community Submissions

Connor Jones of IT Pro reports that the Github Advisory Database is now open to community submissions.

The aim of this is to further the security of their software supply chain. By allowing the community to submit their research for verification, Github are more prepared against new vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

In their blog, Github’s Kate Catlin writes:

“Github believes that free and open security data is critical to empowering the industry as a whole to best secure our software supply chains.”

Github believes that free and open security data is critical to empowering the industry as a whole to best secure our software supply chains. Click to Tweet

#3 Ben Spector’s Partner Led Growth Podcast Series

As a former MSP owner who is now a member of the Zomentum team, Ben Spector has a wide perspective of the industry.

In his Partner Led Growth podcast series, he interviews channel industry leaders to help you to better understand the challenges of running an MSP. Some of the subjects covered so far include:

  • Adopting New Technology
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Empowering a Hybrid Working Environment

#4 Akamai Acquires Linode

TechCrunch have reported that tech company Akamai have acquired Linode for $900 Million.

Linode are already a keen player in the alternative cloud space with nearly 20 years’ experience in cloud computing. And with Akamai leading in edge platform technology, this could be one to watch out for.

If you’re looking to dip your toe in to the alternative cloud, Linode offer $100 free credit to MSPs that want to try it out.

#5 DTX Manchester Announced

The DTX or Digital Transformation Expo returns to Manchester on the 27th and 28th April 2022

Formerly known as the IP Expo – this event has an impressive roster of MSP vendors on the list.


  • Cisco
  • Threatlocker
  • Kaspersky
  • Watchguard
  • and more…

And among the speakers at the event is former England and Manchester United player, Gary Neville.


Tubbservatory Round-Up #3: March – Week 2

#1 UK Employees Prefer Hybrid Working – It’s Official!

Joe O’Halloran of Computer Weekly reports that the majority of UK workers prefer hybrid working arrangements.

Of 1000 adult workers who were surveyed in December 2021, during the Omicron wave of the pandemic:

  • 57% would choose a hybrid working arrangement
  • 38% would choose to return to the office full-time
  • 5% want to remain remote working full-time

The results were part of a report produced jointly by Envoy and Sapio Research.

#2 Improving Mental Health in the Hybrid Workplace

In his latest article, Joshua Dunham of Pax8 takes the subject of hybrid working and how it relates to mental health.

He explains what the challenges are and lists some strategies for mitigating the impact on our mental health.

This includes:

  • Retaining a sense of community
  • Finding out what works for you as an individual
  • Learning to unplug from work

#3 Usecure Release Their Cybersecurity Awareness Guide

When it comes to cybersecurity, prevention is paramount.

usecure is a low-cost, high value, bite-sized cybersecurity awareness training that MSPs can share with their clients.

usecure were recently highlighted by Giacom in the 2022 Guide to Reducing Human Cyber Risk. The guide is a free PDF download and is available here.

#4 The Top 10 IT and MSP Podcasts

If you’re looking for a good podcast, Keith D. Foote of Technology Advice has put together a Top 10 IT and MSP podcasts list.

Podcasts are a great way to keep abreast of trends, tips and news in the MSP industry.

Have a look through yourself and subscribe to any that you like the look of!

#5 Women in Tech E-book for International Women’s Day

In support of International Women’s Day 2022, here at Tubblog we created an E-book celebrating the achievements of women in technology from a recent series of Tubbtalks.

The interviews contain lots of useful insights for any MSP.

A hug thank you goes to Barracuda MSP for making this project possible.

You can download the free E-book here.

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Tubbservatory Round-Up #3: March – Week 3

#1 Is Google Analytics Illegal in the UK and EU?

It’s the question that privacy expert Robert Baugh of Keepabl answers in his latest article.

If you use Google Analytics for your business, and let’s face it, most of us do, then you need to read this article to understand what the GDPR implications are.

You can find Robert’s article here.

#2 Cloud Nexus Present Their M365 Configuration Masterclass

If you’re looking for quick, actionable advice on how to configure Microsoft 365 properly, then check out the M365 masterclass from Uk-based Cloud Nexus.

Owner Scott Riley and his team have built one of the fastest growing MSPs and they specialise in Microsoft 365, so this pack is an amazing knowledgebase that should help your MSP save time and research in supporting your clients.

#3 Uptime Solutions Launch Mental Wellbeing Pack

Following a trend of focusing on the mental health of MSPs since the pandemic, Uptime Solutions’ mental health wellbeing pack offers some useful tips for MSP owners and staff moving towards a hybrid working environment.

Uptime’s advice, with input from mental health charity MIND, gives ideas on tackling loneliness, stress and anxiety.

If you’re looking to adopt a similar model, you need to prepare for the challenges ahead. Therefore, this pack is the perfect primer.

#4 Looking Back to Three Trends Predicted to be on the Rise in 2022

As we’re well into 2022 now, it’s worth looking back to Ryan LaFlamme of Auvik‘s article on the three MSP Trends on the Rise in 2022.

For instance, Ryan says there’s an increased need for managed security solutions. That’s just one of the suggestions, but there’s plenty more to glean here.

#5 BeMSP’s MSPCon Returns from 23rd March

MSPCon has become a tradition for French MSPs, and it returns this year from 23rd – 25th March.

This three-day online event has 24 speakers covering 6 categories.

If you missed this event, the replays can be found here.


Tubbservatory Round-Up #3: March – Week 4

#1 5 Sales Tips for SMB-Focused MSPs

Cisco Channel Leader Michelle Ragusa-McBain has highlighted 5 marketing tips for SMB-focused MSPs.

With many SMBs having to quickly move to technologies that complement remote and hybrid working, the opportunities are there for MSPs who can adapt quickly.

Other tips include:

  • Doubling down on security
  • Establishing your professional brand

You can read more of her tips here.

#2 Talking Cybersecurity Podcast from Tripwire

In the recent Talking Cybersecurity podcast from Tripwire, host Tim Erlin recently interviewed MSP cybersecurity expert Ian Thornton-Trump on disinformation and the rise of nation state attackers.

He also discussed the role social media plays in cybersecurity.

Tubbservatory Round-Up March

You can find the podcast and the transcript here.

#3 Nvidia Hackers Demand Open Source Drivers as Ransom

In recent cybersecurity news, graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has recently been hacked by a group called Lapsus$.

Their ransom was an unusual one. They demanded the release of open source drivers.

For the full story, check out the Mental Outlaw YouTube channel’s video here.

#4 Todd Kane’s MSP Service Manager Training Package

MSP expert Todd Kane has recently released his service manager boot camp training package.

The training aims to help your service delivery manager become a best-in-class leader for your MSP business.

It includes all the KPI metrics you need to manage, as well as how to retain and attract talent to your business.

#5 Linode’s Hackathon League

If you’re looking to get your geek on, alternative cloud provider Linode has recently partnered up with Major League Hacking for their hackathon league.

Linode sponsors hackathons all over the world, so if you would like to host an event, check out Linode’s offer of support.

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How You Can Help

Have you recently discovered a useful resource that Richard might be interested in? Then please let us know in the comments.

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