Are you ‘Social Selling’ yet?

Social Selling

social Media photoAre you ‘Social Selling’ yet?

The term ‘Social Selling’ broadly refers to a sales technique that starts via Social Networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – but ask six different social media experts for their definition on what Social Selling is, and you may get six different answers!Social Selling

Social Selling Expertise

Michael de GrootOne man who I consider an expert on ‘Social Selling’ is my friend Michael de Groot.

Michael has been leveraging Social Media to great success for many years now and is my “go-to” guy for LinkedIn. If you want to generate more business via LinkedIn then I’d encourage you to compare your current LinkedIn profile to Michael’s LinkedIn profile and see if you can spot (what I’m going to guess is the glaring) difference. I speak from experience when I say Michael can help your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd – I’d recommend you speak to Michael so he can help you too.

In my opinion, one of Michael’s greatest skills is “being the Connector”. He regularly connects like-minded people together which creates value for both the connected parties and for Michael too. For me, this is an integral skill in “Social Selling”.

Free “Are you ‘Social Selling’ yet” eBook

Michael recently surpassed himself when he connected not two people, but thirty-three separate social media experts and thoughts leaders to collaborate on an eBook!

The ebook “33 Social Selling Success Tips by Social Selling Thought Leaders” shares those contributors perspectives on what ‘Social Selling’ is and how you can use it to reach new clients. The quotes I’ve shared above are just a small snippet of the insights shared in the eBook.

The best part? The eBook is totally free – you don’t even need to hand over your email address to download.

Click here and download “33 Social Selling Success Tips by Social Selling Thought Leaders” for free.


Kudos to Michael for producing such a valuable eBook and all the contributors for sharing their insight and wisdom. The eBook is a really great resource that I hope you’ll find valuable, and that you’ll share with your colleagues and peers.

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  • Richard Tubb2014-10-26 17:50:45

    Michael - my pleasure! I'm glad everything is well with your website now!

  • Michael de Groot2014-10-23 07:20:20

    Hey Richard, thank you for the promotion, much appreciated. I had a bit of a scare, because I have just changed my website and the link in the original post was broken. Had it not be for your post, I would have forgotten to amend it. I have also updated the eBook now to the LinkedIn version, as it is a bit more colourful. Thank you for your assistance in promoting it.

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