Why the “Internet of Things” is an opportunity for MSP’s

Internet of Things

Internet of ThingsHave you heard the term the “Internet of Things“? If not, it’s a phrase you’ll hear more and more in the months and years to come!

The “Internet of Things” can roughly be described as uniquely identifiable devices connected to the Internet. We’re used to PC’s and Servers, Routers and Switches being connected to the Internet. But now we have tablets and Smartphones, cameras and printers, Televisions, Gaming consoles and even Fridges connected to the Internet!

How many IP devices are there?

According to research, more than 30 billion devices will be wireless connected to the Internet by 2020.  30 billion! That’s more things on the Internet than people on the planet!

So clearly, the “Internet of Things” isn’t a passing fad. This isn’t something that’s going away – and IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) should start preparing for this.

Consumer trends become business trends

As we’ve seen with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – what happens in the consumer market will permeate the business market. For MSP’s, this means more clients with IP connected devices. IP devices that need monitoring and maintaining.

MSP’s need to stop thinking of just PC’s and Servers, and start thinking about managing other devices. [TWEET THIS]

Watch or listen to my interview with MSP expert Dave Sobel

I recently sat down with my good friend and industry expert Dave Sobel. Now Dave is a man very familiar with the “Internet of Things” being something of a Home Automation fan, having a house containing over 70 IP connected devices! Unusual? Yes. Unique? Absolutely not. We’re all accumulating IP connected devices every day, whether we realise it or not.

Dave and I discussed the opportunities available to MSP’s with the “Internet of Things” and why the PC isn’t quiet dead yet, even if those IT Solution Providers who fail to embrace the Cloud are…

I hope you enjoy our conversation which you can watch via video…

or listen to via audio Podcast …

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