Webinar – COVID-19: Where Are MSPs Now?

COVID-19: Where Are MSPs Now?

COVID-19: Where Are MSPs Now?It’s now been 3-months since the UK and many other European countries went into lockdown. As a result of COVID-19: Where Are MSPs Now?

Having spent the last quarter wrestling with uncertainty, it’s obvious that the world has changed.

But what does this all mean for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Solution Providers?

This is the question I answered in my webinar with IT Glue on Wednesday, June 24th.

COVID-19: Where Are MSPs Now?

In this live webinar, I looked at how COVID-19 has impacted the Managed Services industry and what you can do to make sure your MSP business is ready for what’s coming next.

We tackled topics such as:-

  • Where are we now? What has happened to the SMB world has a result of COVID-19.
  • What are clients now expecting from their IT provider, and what are the emerging MSP market trends?
  • How can you transition your MSP business to the “new normal”.

The aim of this webinar was for you to go away with practical advice on how you can prepare for what’s coming next in the MSP space.

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Watch the webinar now on-demand!

This webinar took place on Wednesday, June 24th.

Click here to watch the webinar on-demand. Registration for this webinar recording is free.

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You can download a copy of IT Glue’s Business Continuity e-book here, which will give you expert insights and tips for protecting your MSP against a variety of business disruption scenarios so that you set your business up to flourish in good times and bad.

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