The Best Cybersecurity Solutions For Today’s SMB’s – Live Video

The Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Today's SMBs

The Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Today's SMBsOne size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cybersecurity for Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMB’s).

Some businesses may have a full IT team of staff. The majority do not, and turn to IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to handle their cybersecurity.

The criminals don’t care about the size of your business. They just see an opportunity to make money.

Cyberattacks targeting SMBs are at an all-time high, so now is the perfect time for MSPs to be having conversations with their clients about high-level cybersecurity protection.

It’s that cybersecurity protection that is the topic of our latest live video for MSPs.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Today’s SMBs

This live video for MSPs on cybersecurity was recorded at the beautiful studios of the London Stock Exchange.

My special guest was Jaya Baloo, the Chief Security Information Officer (CISO) at one of the world’s top cybersecurity vendors, Avast Business.

During this live video session, Jaya and I discussed:-

  • The best ways to present cybersecurity to SMBs and explain its importance
  • The biggest cyber threats faced by SMBs today, and what is their best defence strategy
  • How SMBs with limited budgets and/or IT resources can still stay protected
  • The importance of a response plan in case an SMB is impacted by a cyber attack
  • The future of the cybersecurity landscape and the role of emerging technologies

If you caught our live video on How to offer awesome MSP Endpoint Protection then you’ll know these videos are lively sessions with lots of learning!

What is a CISO, and what is their responsibility?

In this excerpt from the full video, I ask Jaya Baloo what a Chief Information Security (CISO) offers and what their typical day looks like.

Jaya gives an insight into her career and becoming the head of security at Avast.

How can MSPs protect clients from ransomware

I asked Jaya about how MSPs can keep their clients safe.

Jaya went on to explain the importance of backups and the awareness of the price point of solutions.

The use of AI within cybersecurity

I wanted to get Jaya’s thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) within cybersecurity.

Jaya explains the benefits of AI and the importance of taking advantage of it now.


How to view the video

The live video broadcast took place on February 13th 2020.

If you missed the live session, then never fear, you can view the recording on-demand!

Visit the Avast Business BrightTalk website and register for free.

When you register, we will give you on-demand access to this Managed Services video recording, and we will also give you access to a library of other videos. They are all aimed at helping you grow your MSP business.

What are the best #CyberSecurity solutions for SMBs? @JayaBaloo and @Tubblog explore in this @AvastBusiness live #video for MSPs! Click to Tweet

What question would you like to ask Jaya and me about Cybersecurity? Leave a comment below or get in touch — we’ll answer all queries!

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