How to offer awesome MSP Endpoint Protection – Live Video

MSP Endpoint Protection

MSP Endpoint ProtectionWith the move to the Cloud, more and more organisations now have a distributed workforce. Staff are working from home, from coffee shops, from airports and hotels.

This flexibility comes at a cost to us as IT providers. How do we keep these staff safe online?

Traditional on-site security measures, such as Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware, are no longer providing the protection that staff need.

So, how can Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use cloud-based protection to keep their clients safe online — wherever they are?

We recently recorded a live video on the topic of cybersecurity. Specifically, we looked at the changing landscape of endpoint protection.

Live Video Q’n’A

We broadcast this video directly from the beautiful studios at the London Stock Exchange. This was a live video session hosted by our friends at Avast Business and featured a panel discussion.

If you caught our last live video on Social Media for MSPs then you’ll know these are VERY lively interactive sessions!

The panel and I talked about how progressive IT businesses are handling endpoint protection for their clients.

On the panel, I was joined by four experts in the field of cybersecurity.

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We answered a TON of audience questions live on air, and there were some really juicy questions too!

The Challenges for MSPs providing cybersecurity solutions

I asked Paul Fenwick of Avast, what are the challenges facing MSPs in providing cybersecurity solutions?

How Can You Ensure Your Suppliers Are Secure?

I spoke to Gareth Brown of Sytec and Jonathan Fox of Foxability to ask them how MSPs can ensure their suppliers are providing services that are secure.

How to educate users about security gaps

I asked Steven Pretlove of CCS about the gaps SMBs are being exposed to by using on-site solutions, and how MSPs can educate clients on how to stay safe when using cloud-solutions.

How to train users in using 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

I asked the panel how they educate their clients in using cyber protection tools such as 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Why Cloud Security is now essential for MSPs to protect clients

I asked Paul Fenwick of Avast to explain why Avast has moved to a “Cloud First” approach, and to Steven Pretlove of CCS, to understand how MSPs can move their clients from on-site solutions (like an on-site UTM) to cloud-protection.

The Importance Of A Strong Off Boarding Process For Cyber Security

Jonathan Fox of Foxability shares how cybercriminals are attacking clients, and how MSPs can use strong off-boarding processes to ensure their clients are kept safe when employees and suppliers leave the business.

How to watch the video on demand

The live video broadcast took place on Tuesday 18th June 2019, but the good news is you can now view it on demand any time!

Visit the Avast Business BrightTalk website and register for free. If you’re already registered, then here’s a direct link to this EndPoint Protection for MSPs video.

We will give you on-demand access to this Managed Services video, and we will give you access to a library of other videos. They are all aimed at helping you grow your MSP business.

How is your IT business handling endpoint protection in the shifting world of cloud services? What questions do you have?

Please, do leave a comment below or get in touch.

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