Webinar: Sales Crash Course Sessions with RapidFire Tools

RapidFire Tools - Sales Crash Course - Session 2

Looking to grow and in need of some pointers? Then you need a sales crash course!

The art of selling is constantly evolving and in order to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need a helping hand. I’m delighted to have been invited by RapidFire Tools (part of the Kaseya family) to share my top tips and strategy to utilising the right tools. You CAN master the sales process!

The two-part sales crash course is packed with insight and knowledge to give your MSP sales a mega boost.

Sales Crash Course Part One: The Basics

In the first session, we covered the basics of sales, and I shared my advice from my years in the IT sector. We covered:

  • How to embed a sales culture in your MSP – where to start
  • How to master the creation and tracking of MSP sales targets
  • The best sales strategies for MSPs
Looking to grow and in need of some pointers? Then you need a sales crash course! @tubblog and @KaseyaCorp have 2 webinars to give you the basics and get you ready for action! Click to Tweet

Sales Crash Course Part Two: The Action

In part two, I want to get you ready to take action on what you’ve learned! We looked at:

  • How the right tools can give your sales some serious momentum
  • How to work out whether the investment is ‘worth it’
  • Why it is critical to define your value at every opportunity, and tips for how to do this

How to Access the Recordings of the Sessions?

These presentations were recorded and made available to view on-demand.

You can access both recordings by clicking here.

Grow Your MSP with a Sales Crash Course!

Ready to take your MSP to the next level but nervous about sales? Then watch the replays and let me help you!

  • Find out my top tips
  • Learn why you need a strategy
  • Nail the basics
  • Develop a bespoke strategy that works for YOUR business
  • Make sales a part of your MSP’s culture

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