Webinar: IT Glue MSP Triad Panel Session – What Does the Rest of 2021 Look Like?

MSP Triad Panel Session

MSP Triad Panel Session

What will the rest of 2021 look like for IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs)?

This was the question I answered in my MSP Triad session with IT Glue in April 2021.

The MSP Triad – What Does the Rest of 2021 Look Like for MSPs?

2020 was undoubtedly a tough year for everyone, but many in the IT sector were also busier than expected.

If you’ve found the first quarter of 2021 has flown by, you need to take the time to stop, reflect and do some planning.

I joined Alex Ford, Sales Director at IT Glue, and James Ratcliff, MD of Ratcliff IT, for a candid discussion on how we think 2021 will pan out for MSPs.

Alex, James and myself shared our collective wisdom to help you plan for the rest of the year and make 2021 a success for your Managed Services business. It’s not too late to do this – watch the replay!

We highlighted the challenges that MSPs are facing and what we think is happening in the market.

Watch the replay to learn more about:

  • The biggest surprises of 2021 so far, what we expected vs the reality
  • New technology and the vendors you’ll want to partner with
  • Lessons on agility; why it is critical to be agile and how to get there

How to Access the Recording of This Session

The session was recorded, so you can access it at your leisure and plan for the rest of 2021. Just click here for the replay!

Feel Ready for Anything 2021 Throws at You!

You might have been feeling overwhelmed over the last few months, so let the expert panel guide you in planning for the rest of 2021, find partners to work with and get tools to make your MSP more efficient.

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