TubbTalk 87: How To Accelerate Your MSP Sales for Business Growth


An Interview with Ben Spector

In this episode, I speak to Ben Spector, ex Managed Service Provider owner turned Product Manager for How to accelerate your MSP sales for business growthZomentum. We talk about how it can help MSPs accelerate sales for business growth.

Zomentum is a platform built exclusively for managed service providers. It combines a pipeline management, proposal, quote and build sales automation.

Ben uses his experience of running an MSP to shape the development roadmap of the platform from an MSP SaaS perspective.


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What Zomentum Offers to MSPs to Accelerate Sales

Ben says there are lots of great marketing tools available to help get prospects into your funnel. But there’s a gap between finding an opportunity and getting a contract signed.

So when a prospect says they’re ready for a quote, even if they’re not sure what it looks like, an MSP (managed service provider) owner can take them through an assessment process on Zomentum.

As a result, they can find out what they currently have and what they need.

And, it also allows MSPs to clearly present the results, and create a quick quote or a longer proposal document.

Zomentum has an e-signature feature so it’s easy to get them onboard. And, it also lets you re-engage with the client on a regular basis and carry out quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

The Typical MSP Sales Process

So, Ben explains that in his view there are two types of MSP: “There are sales-led MSPs that don’t know how to deliver, and there are engineering-led MSPs that haven’t got a clue how to sell.”

Because to be really successful, you need to be able to do both. Sometimes the engineering founder finds that best right-hand person to head up sales, or vice versa.

But, Ben says, although you can’t teach a salesperson engineering skills overnight, you can give engineers the tools that make it impossible not to sell.

MSPs need to see things from the point of view of their clients, and to take a step back. Too often, they’re too busy or think that they’re right. Make time to understand the problem your client has and sell value, not tools.

If you’re not sure how Zomentum can help, it might be useful to know what a general quoting tool does. So you can see the extra benefits of a sales acceleration tool.

The Tools an MSP Business Needs

Ben says that an ideal stack would include a CRM (customer relationship management), a PSA (professional services automation), an accounting platform and a sales acceleration tool. Because it’s important that these integrate together.

First, you need an accounting programme so you can bill clients and get paid, and then a PSA to manage them. Once you’re up and running, you can have a marketing tool such as HubSpot to drive leads, and use a sales acceleration tool alongside it.

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Zomentum Integrations

Zomentum integrates with a number of tools that will be familiar to many MSP owners. So for PSA tools, they have integrations with Autotask, ConnectWise, Syncro, Kaseya BMS and Halo is coming in the next few weeks.

And Ben says the tool also integrates with HubSpot and Infusionsoft, as well as accountancy software such as QuickBooks.

For example, Zomentum can helps as it has distributor integration to make quoting easier. And MSPs can accept credit card payments too. Plus, there’s the option to use Zapier.

How to Accelerate MSP Sales with Automation

A sales acceleration tool such as Zomentum makes it easier to follow up on leads and prospects by automating the pipeline.

In addition, you can set up reminders for follow up calls, sending quotes and proposals and email reminders to encourage the client to sign up.

So with Zomentum, an MSP owner can send a quote for a specific item, such as a laptop or other item. And the client can make adjustments or add on extras, such as docking stations and monitors.

In addition, Ben says they have clear proof that the tool can accelerate sales. For instance, they have figures that show an average 600% increase on order value by letting the customer edit the quote.

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