The Evolution of IT Buying Groups – TubbTalk #03

The evolution of IT buying groups with Phylip Morgan

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The evolution of IT buying groups with Phylip MorganTWEET THIS!

Traditionally, IT buying groups leverage the strength of their members buying power to negotiate stronger buying terms with IT Vendors and Distributors.

The evolution of IT buying groups

I was recently invited to visit with the Network Group, a UK based co-operative of IT businesses who, as I was to learn from my visit, have developed into a community that provides much more value to their members than just discounts from Vendors and Distributors on products and services.

In episode 3 of TubbTalk, I talk with Phylip Morgan, Managing Director of the Network Group and discuss its origins, its membership and its goals for the future. It was an eye opening insight into the evolution of IT buying groups that I’m sure you will find interesting.

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You can also watch the video of my interview with Phylip Morgan

Interview Transcription

TubbTalk 03 with Phylip Morgan and Richard Tubb

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