How To Create a Great Mini Marketing Message – TubbTalk #07

How To Create a Great Mini Marketing Message with Alan Matthews

May 2017 Update: Alan Matthews has now retired and is no longer trading but we can still benefit from the great advice and tips he shares in this edition of TubbTalk.

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We’re all familiar with attending business networking events and being given 30 or 60 seconds to talk about your business — often referred to as an elevator pitch — as well as regularly being asked by others “What do you do?”. Are you confident with the response you typically give in these situations? Just as importantly, are you sure your response accurately conveys what you do without people switching off?

How To Create a Great Mini Marketing Message

How To Create a Great Mini Marketing Message with Alan MatthewsIn episode 7 of TubbTalk I speak with public speaking coach and trainer Alan Matthews on how to create a great mini marketing message. In our discussion Alan and I talk about:-

  • the BIG mistake nearly all business owners make when they talk about their businesses
  • the key elements of a successful marketing message and a 60 second elevator pitch
  • why using labels switches people off
  • how to use questions to grab attention
  • how to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • the importance of choosing, and addressing, a niche
  • how to use your marketing message to get more referrals

Mentioned in this episode:-

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You can also watch the video of my interview with Alan Matthews.

Interview Transcription

TubbTalk 07 with Alan Matthews and Richard Tubb

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