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An Interview with Arvind Parthiban AI

Arvind Parthiban is the co-founder and chief technology officer at He joined me for a special bonusode of TubbTalk to tell me about’s funding news, the new features they’re introducing and their AI based implicit alerting function.

What SuperOps Offer

SuperOps provide PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) for MSPs. Arvind explains that the platform is split into four distinct products.

There’s the PSA, the RMM, stock management and a project management and IT documentation layer. The product has been in production for two and a half years, and was launched with automation options.

The Implicit AI Alerting Function

To make sure they delivered the right solution for MSPs, SuperOps asked as many of possible to share their biggest pain point. “We didn’t talk about the features. We wanted to build something new that would solve their problems.

“Noise reduction was their biggest problem. An MSP gets hundreds and thousands of alerts a day, and they don’t know which one to deal with first. Our implicit AI alerting tool monitors all the anomalies and tells them which ones to prioritise. And it directly assigns each one to the right person.”

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What the Funding Means for SuperOps and Their Users

SuperOps have just announced they’ve secured $14mof funding from Addition Capital and Tanglin Venture Partners, on top of $3m they raised in a previous funding round.

They have 17 angel investors, and have already earmarked the money for further developing and improving their product. They’ve been able to grow the platform much quicker than normal, and want to keep the momentum going.

Not sure what angel investing is? This article might help!

Future Plans and AI Development

Arvind explained that SuperOps are committed to building a product for the next 10 years. “What we have is ideal for the MSP with fewer than 10 technicians. Now we have this funding, we’re investing heavily in R&D.

“So, we’re going deeper into products, to build the basic functionalities. And we’ll add a layer of automation and make the MSP’s life easier. Then, we’re bringing in a ‘futuristic functionality’ – how they should work in future. AI is key to that.”

How the Team Plans to Maintain its User-Friendly Ethos

Arvind says being user-friendly is part of the DNA of the company. “We know that our users are techies and like exploring for themselves. So many of our competitors have everything gated. They don’t give a free trial, for instance. And implementation is more of a handholding exercise.

“But we know that techies don’t work like that. They want to judge the product themselves So everything is transparent – you can try it without speaking to anyone first. And another key feature is to ensure that no matter what you want to do, it can be done in no more than three weeks. That’s user-friendly too.”

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