The Importance of IT Documentation – TubbTalk #10

The importance of IT documentation with Chris Day of IT Glue

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The importance of IT documentation with Chris Day of IT GlueWhy is documentation so important to IT businesses and how it can it have a positive impact on the bottom line of any IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Chris Day on the importance of IT documentation

In episode 10 of TubbTalk I speak with Chris Day of IT Glue, an IT documentation platform, and the CEO of one of Western Canada’s biggest MSP’s, Fully Managed.

In our conversation, Chris and I discuss:-

  • How an MSP can think globally rather than just locally.
  • The biggest challenge in being the CEO of not one, but two businesses.
  • How running a SaaS business is different to running an MSP.
  • Why IT documentation is so important to MSP’s.
  • How to calculate the cost of poor IT documentation to an MSP business.
  • What the benefits of good IT documentation are to an MSP’s clients.
  • The best way to get started with IT documentation.
  • Mitigating the risk associated with bad or lack of documentation.
  • Which RMM tools will integration with IT Glue.
  • The concept of Documentation-as-a-Service.
  • An IT Glue discount code for TubbTalk listeners.

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Mentioned in this episode:-

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TubbTalk 10 with Chris Day and Richard Tubb

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  • Richard Tubb2018-02-28 16:19:53

    Hey Kristie -- thanks for the feedback. I'm very familiar with Process St. It's a great platform. Thanks for sharing those resources!

  • Kristie Weltmer2018-02-27 08:44:34

    Hey, Richard, great episode! Thanks for highlighting the importance of having your business documented and everything that goes in, on, and around. I remembered reading in a forum before about some owners and administrators complaining about how several of their product consultants refuse to hand out some necessary information concerning their clients when the services are and contracts are over. They are going through an eye-of-a-needle situation all because they neglected the need of having their own information documented on their own. And now, asking for the said information is like pulling out teeth. Our company is big on documenting too, especially with our processes and important information such as passwords and email accounts. Maybe one of your listeners can find this resources helpful: it's about some templates on how you can better document your business. :)

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