TubbTalk: How Your MSP can use Service Desk AI Based Dispatching Successfully


An Interview with Oshri Moyal

In this bonus episode of TubbTalk, I speak to Oshri Moyal, co-founder and chief technology officer at Atera. Atera

We talk about their funding news, the new features they’re introducing and AI-based service desk dispatching.

We also talk about how Atera supports their user community and what they’re doing to improve communication and collaboration.


What the Funding Means for Atera and its Users

Atera have secured $77.8m from leading growth equity firm General Atlantic. Oshri sys they identified Atera as a major player and want to help them become the number one IT management tool for IT technicians and MSPs.

It will allow Atera to grow its customer base and its community but also the business itself. “We have nearly 100 open positions and we’re also expanding our R&D team, which is very exciting for us”, says Oshri.

New Features Coming to Atera

Oshri says that Atera are working on community-focused features, such as sharing and configuration. They listen to their customers and try to bring in new features when they’re requested.

They’re in the process of developing auto-tagging for their ticketing system, which means that an AI will identify the problem raised on a ticket and label it automatically.

They’ve also recently changed their UI to make it faster, more intuitive and generally easier to use.

It will soon support dark mode and a better network discovery model. They’re also expanding to support more than just domain environments. 

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The AI Dispatching Feature

Oshri says that the auto-tagging saves MSPs time. The AI tool can detect the issue and label it accordingly. That makes it easier to track which area of the business the problem is in, whether that’s printing or networks.

Oshri says they’d found that dispatching was often a problem for MSPs: “You may want to attach a specific condition to a technical aspect and also notify your customers that there’s a problem. The AI allows you to do that.”

The Atera AI will adapt to analyse the behaviour of systems, identify where problems are coming up and save you time in the future by flagging them. Oshri says they have a lot of cool things in the pipeline which he’ll share as soon as he can.

The Future of Atera

Oshri says that Atera’s ambition is to be the IT operating system. An MSP owner knows exactly what they need to manage a network, so Atera will tailor a solution with all the tools and integration needed.

You can take it out of the box and use the solution to run a business with high continuity, no downtime and a highly maintained network. They aim to achieve that in the next three years.

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