Mental Health Resources for MSP Business Owners

Mental Health Resources for MSP Business Owners

Mental Health Resources for MSP Business OwnersAs I write this, today (10th October 2020) is World Mental Health Day.

As somebody who has dealt with clinical depression since my childhood, I wanted to share with you that if you’re struggling right now, then please know that you are most certainly not alone.

This week I have spoken to a number of friends and colleagues, individuals, male and female, who are IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) business owners, vendors, senior industry figures and highly respected thought leaders, all of who shared with me that they’re finding it difficult to be everywhere and do everything that is asked of them right now.

A Strong Support Network is Key

After 44 years on this planet, I can tell you that I certainly don’t have the mental health thing sussed, but what I have learned with some certainty is this.

Don’t try and do this alone.

Running an MSP business is tough. Being the boss is tough. Being a leader is tough. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

A strong support network is key, regardless of what stage of your business journey you’re on.

If I can lend a helping hand, then get in touch and let me know. I’d be happy to listen.

In order to do good, you have to feel good!

Most of us got into Information Technology (IT) because we enjoy helping others.

However, as my friends Andrew & Pete of the Atomic business owners community say… in order to do good, you have to feel good!

The three things that I do every day to help me to feel good include:-

  1. Meditation with the Headspace app. If meditation seems a bit “woo woo” to you, then it did to me too — but I now do 15-mins meditation every day and it helps give me the time to organise my thoughts.
  2. Reading a chapter of a book. I’ve written before about Why Successful Business Leaders Read Regularly. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, paperback, hardback or Kindle, I find making the time to read gives me some additional headspace.
  3. Calling a friend. Nearly every day I go for a walk and talk — ringing a friend who I consider an energiser. Somebody I enjoy speaking to, and who lifts me up.

Regarding the walk and talk. I used to feel guilty about interrupting people. After all, everybody is busy!

However, I’ve long since realised that everybody is finding it tough out there — especially in the current climate.

By giving other people a call, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re helping to give them a lift too.

Again, don’t try and do this alone.

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MSP Business Owner Mental Health Resources

Here are some other resources I hope you’ll find useful.

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