Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2020

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Acronis Cyber Summit 2020

This year Acronis decided to go fully virtual for their Global Cyber Summit. 2020’s event saw speakers from around the world gather to educate attendees on cyber protection, critical data, strategies and systems.

The Summit kicked off on the 19th of October and ran through till the 21st. It promised to stand out from the crowd as far as IT Conferences go, and judging by the feedback, it did just that.

The conference covered a broad range of topics, and I shared from my experiences the dos and don’ts for MSPs.

“What mistakes do IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) make which cost them both time and money?”

This was the question I be answered in my presentation at the Acronis Global Cyber Summit.

Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2020

During the completely virtual, three-day Cyber Summit, Acronis will be showcased a jam-packed line-up of brilliant speakers, sessions and workshops.

There were panel discussions covering a wide range of challenges and innovative solutions for MSPs and IT Solution Providers.

During my session, I shared the top five mistakes that IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) make that cost them time and money.

Attendees were presented with practical advice and real-world strategies that can accelerate your MSP businesses growth and help you avoid the common pitfalls that many IT businesses fall into!

Stay up-to-date with the Latest Cyber Research

The three-day event gathered world-class speakers to share their expertise on everything from Cybersecurity to the latest applications and solutions.

By the end of the event, delegates left with up to date with details on cutting edge research, threats and strategies, and the good news is that you can too! The replay is avilable anywhere, on any device, free of charge.

Whatever your focus, there is something for everyone. From sales and marketing to enterprise IT and from sysadmins and devs to IT channel pros.

I joined industry experts such as Amy Luby, Channel Chief Evangelist at Acronis, and founder of Small Biz Thoughts, Karl W. Palachuk.

The event was hugely valuable for all audiences, cyber or otherwise. Even if you missed out on the live experience, there are over 30 free sessions over four distinct areas to catch up on:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • IT Channel Biz
  • Developers and ISVs
  • Enterprise

How to Access the Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2020 Replay

The cyber summit replay is free for everyone and available on demand.

Click here to access all the recordings.

You can view the recording of my session ‘Top 5 Mistakes of MSPs’ by clicking here.

Accelerate your MSP Businesses Growth

Are you ready to stop making mistakes which cost you time and money?

Take advantage of the Acronis Global Cyber Summit replays to gain valuable insights into the emergence of cyber protection combined with a wealth of educational material including:

  • Cloud strategies and services
  • Data protection
  • Automation and integrations
  • Sales and marketing

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