A CEO’s Journey from Inception to Exit: Cisco Provider Elevate Virtual Conference

Cisco Elevate Panel Session - 14th September 2021

Cisco Elevate Panel Session - A CEO's Journey from Inception to ExitA heads-up that the Cisco are hosting their first ever Managed Service Provider (MSP) event, a two-day virtual conference called Cisco Elevate.

Taking place on 14th and 15th September 2021, Cisco Elevate promises to be a great event!

Additionally, I’ve been invited to moderate a very special session at Elevate entitled: A CEO’s Journey from Inception to Exit.

If you’re interested in building an IT business for sale, now or in the future, then you’ll want to join our session!

What is Cisco Elevate?

Cisco Elevate is a two-day virtual event dedicated to helping MSPs create an inclusive community ecosystem.

As a result, the audience for the event is everyone from executives to techs!

On 14 and 15 September, Cisco are bringing together experts to talk on trends, tools and technology.

For instance, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to network with your peers.

Want to learn from a host of CEOs and other #ManagedServices experts to grow your #MSP and network with your peers? Then don't miss the @Cisco Partner Elevate event! Click to Tweet

A CEO’s Journey: From Inception to Exit

As mentioned, I’ll be moderating a special session at Cisco Elevate entitled A CEO’s Journey: From Inception to Exit.

Firstly, as an IT or MSP business grows, many changes can be expected.

Therefore, we’ve invited a small group of world-class Managed Service experts for an honest discussion about how to grow your IT business and ready it for a sale.

The experts joining me will be:-

As a result of the experience of the panel, I can tell you that some of the topics I plan to quiz the panel on include:-

  • Employing and managing personnel
  • Making sales and financial decisions
  • Organisational change and maturity
  • Client relationships and how these evolve
  • Growth, acquisition and exit

We plan on making this session highly interactive, so please come prepared with your top MSP growth questions for our panel!

How to Register for Cisco Elevate

The CEO panel discussion is only a part of the two-day Cisco Elevate event!

In addition, there a ton of other great sessions!

Cisco Elevate takes place on 14 and 15 September 2021, and starts at 11am EST (3pm BST) both days.

Above all, my advice is to click here and register for the Cisco Elevate virtual event now!

Will There be a Recording of This Session?

Yes, the “CEO’s Journey” session will be recorded.

The recordings will be made available to registrants to view on-demand.

Therefore, make sure to click here and register to be notified when the recording is available.

Learn from the CEO’s Journey to Grow Your MSP

In conclusion, I am so pleased that I’ve been given the opportunity to ask world-class CEOs to share their wisdom.

If you’re like me, and you’ve ever felt lonely as the boss or uncertain about what to do in your MSP, then I hope our session at Cisco Elevate will help you.

Click here and register for the event now!

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