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SmileBack Remote Connect 2.0

SmileBack Remote Connect 2.0Our friends at SmileBack hosted Remote Connect 2.0: Back to the Future, a fun-filled, MSP-focused virtual event on 28th October 2020!

You might remember that back in April I spoke at the first Remote Connect event, and it really did re-define what a virtual event can be, so I was delighted to be invited back for the next round!

Remote Connect 2.0 – A Different Type of Virtual Event

You’d be forgiven for getting a bit of Zoom fatigue, as there are a LOT of virtual events happening right now!

What impressed me so much about Remote Connect was that the team at SmileBack didn’t want to run just another virtual event.

They asked “What if we could get people together on Zoom and try to replicate the content pieces of a typical conference, such as breakout rooms, parallel sessions, etc? What if we made it fun, interactive, and focused on the material rather than the sales pitch? What if we had a magician?”

And so Remote Connect was born!

You can check out the round-up of SmileBack Remote Connect 1.0 to see what I mean!

Well, after the amazing feedback for Remote Connect, SmileBack returned with Remote Connect 2.0: Back to the Future!

Remote Connect 2.0: Back to the Future

Throughout this short, packed virtual event, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) benefited from several sessions covering:

  • Customer Experience
  • Operations and Customer Experience
  • Leadership and Legacy

The keynote presentation was be delivered by the amazing Roger Edwards, who had fun while sharing with MSPs how to eliminate gobbledygook and jargon from your marketing!

SmileBack Remote Connect 2.0 Speaker LineupAttendees also heard from industry experts such as tech entrepreneur Phylip Morgan, Andrew Wallace of SmileBack and Nathan Fullington of ConnectWise.

I was a part of the event, hosting a panel with Tim Swainson of Kemp Technologies and Jason Kemsley of Uptime Solutions to explore how efficient tech and great CX (Customer Experience) go hand in hand.

After that, I was joined by my great friend Erik Thorsell in the Remote Connect 2.0 fireside finale.

We discussed a really important question: why are you in business, really?

Explore Expert Insights on CX, Leadership and SOPs

Remote Connect 2.0 was just as fun, interactive and content-rich as the first time around. MSP owners, experts and employees all benefiedt from the insights shared and the outlook for the future.

Further, as you might have guessed, Remote Connect 2.0 went back to the future!

We took a detailed look into leadership, customer experience and streamlined operations.

Plus, a Magician! (No, Really!)

But, if getting back to basics and learning from the best industry leaders wasn’t enough, Remote Connect 2.0 went all out.

In addition, SmileBack added a bit of magic in the form of magician and mentalist Gary Ferrar! This guy does stuff that is MIND BLOWING.

How to Access the Replay for Remote Connect 2.0

Just because you couldn’t attend on the day doesn’t mean you have to miss out. The Remote Connect 2.0 round-up is available here, and it’s free!

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