Webinar – It’s totally possible to become the All Encompassing MSP – Part 2

All-Encompassing MSP

I joined RapidFire Tools for our second session of a three part series to explore what it really means to be an All All-Encompassing MSPEncompassing MSP.

Following on from our first instalment of an engaging three part webinar series, we headed back back for part two!

After a turbulent year, the second session looked at the state of demand and what clients are looking for from their MSP. Because of the impact of the pandemic, client needs are changing, so how can your MSP adapt its service delivery?

What are MSPs being asked for right now?

That was the question I answered in my webinar with Kaseya’s Rapid Fire Tools at the end of February 2021.

The AE MSP – It’s totally possible to become the All-Encompassing MSP – Part 2

During the first session in the webinar series, I explored the benefits of being truly proactive in your MSP service.

However, for the second webinar, we reflected on the challenges of the last year or so and how your MSP can stay ahead of the game.

I drew on my experience and market knowledge as we explored what customers and clients really want and need from their MSP in the current climate.

I shared my insights, for instance, on how your MSP can proactively listen and deliver these needs.

The interactive webinar, which you can access via replay will help you to understand:

  • The state of demand – what MSPs are being asked for right now
  • How you can predict where the next ‘big thing’ will be for your clients
  • Starting to build a plan for service expansion – the first steps

How to Access the Recording of the Session

This presentation was recorded and has been made available to view on-demand.

Click here to access the replay – it’s at the bottom of the page.

Keep your All Encompassing MSP one step ahead

So, are you ready to get ahead of your competition, expand your services and deliver what your clients demand? Then watch the replay now!

As part of the webinar I shared my predictions for the next ‘big thing’. I also shared my knowledge of the market and client demands.

And, I outlined the first steps you need to take to build a plan for service expansion and how you can stay proactive.

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