TubbTalk 98: Co-Managed IT, CyberSecurity and Imposter Syndrome: Top Tips for MSPs

Amazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSP. Cybersecurity

Amazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSPAn Interview with Vera TucciAmazing Women in IT - TubbTalk with Barracuda MSP. Cybersecurity

Vera Tucci is the co-founder and CEO of T-Consulting, an MSP and COMIT. They provide co-managed IT and cybersecurity support to SMBs without an internal IT department and larger companies looking to improve their teams.

Until she founded the business, she had no technical experience at all. A political science graduate, she met her co-founder and now husband and was captivated by his vision for a tech company.

What a COMIT Offers for Cybersecurity Protection

Vera explains that T-Consulting is an MSP and a COMIT – providing co-managed IT and cybersecurity support. Her husband’s idea was for a business that would look after its clients through using an automated tool and charge per month.

They focused on companies without an internal IT department, which was the norm in their local area. Now, they also support larger companies to make their IT team stronger and more secure and to boost overall security.

The Global Dash Product

T-Consulting also has a side business – Global Dash – which started out as an internal product. They wanted to make the company more efficient and identified the tasks that took up too much time.

Checking dashboards, emails and scanning alerts was time-consuming, so the team developed an aggregate platform. It pulls together all the alerts from every tool they use. Everything is in one place, and each technician has their own view.

After running the tool internally for six months and seeing the improvements in efficiency, Vera and Matteo (her husband) decided to present it at an IT event. The feedback from colleagues showed that they should sell it as a separate product.

Vera’s TEDx Talk

Vera gave a TEDX talk in 2019, sharing the story of her attempt at setting up a side business. The new business was completely different to T-Consulting, and wasn’t a success. Vera took this harder than she’d expected.

In 2018, she had a frank conversation with her Airbnb host in New York. Vera explained what had happened, and the host said: “What you’re going through is hard, but you’ll get through it. And then you’ll share your story to inspire and reassure other women. Failure is a learning experience.”

By chance, Vera came across an ad for TEDx speakers in Italy. She submitted her application, was accepted and told her story onstage. She thought she was doing it to fulfil an ambition, but at the end she was thanked by a young woman. Vera’s talk had resonated with her and taken the shame out of failure.

What is imposter syndrome? This article explains more.

How IT Companies can Keep Clients Safe from Cybersecurity Hacks

The key, Vera says, is to never stop educating your clients. MSPs should make that a focal point of their business. Threats are changing daily, and your clients need to understand that.

Your clients aren’t technical people – if they were, they wouldn’t need your help. Keep them in the loop and speak their language. The IT side isn’t important to them, but the consequences of a breach is.

When people don’t understand something, they feel that it doesn’t apply to them. They’re reluctant to ask questions. That’s why you need to make them aware of the risks they face.

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What MSPs Shouldn’t do in Cybersecurity

Vera says: “We need to stop selling technology and sell solutions. They don’t need to understand the tool we’ve bought, only how it can help them.” As an MSP, your job is to integrate that tool for your client and keep them safe.

Sometimes we find a solution that’s better than the one we’re already using, and it can be hard to explain to the client why they should switch to the new tool. Explain the benefit of using it, and focus on creating an offer you can sell as a service.

Tools to use and Tools to Avoid in Cybersecurity

In her own business, Vera always avoids vendors who proclaim themselves the ‘one tool’ for all your needs. “If they say you need their tool and nothing else, that’s impossible.” There is no one size fits all.

When it comes to cybersecurity, look for a tool that you can easily integrate into your existing offering. You want something that doesn’t require much effort for you to add it in.

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