TubbTalk 108: How to Build an Effective MSP Sales and Revenue Platform

Shruti Ghatge on MSP Sales

An Interview with Shruti Ghatge

Shruti Ghatge is the co-founder and CEO at Zomentum, a company that is redefining MSP sales. They describe themselves as the revenue centre of a technology partner business. And, their customers use them to produce quotes, manage revenue and track client accounts.

How Zomentum Helps with MSP Sales

MSPs are really problem-solvers, says Shruti. You find the right product or service to fix a problem. “It’s not really sales. You’re actually helping an SMB achieve their highest potential and supporting technology.”

She says that’s the mindset that MSPs should have, and it’s the approach that Zomentum has too. Doing so lets you remove the fear around sales, and makes your clients more comfortable with you too.

How Zomentum Differs from Traditional Revenue Platforms

Shruti says that the way MSPs interact with clients has changed. In the past, they’d let you know what sort of solution they were looking for. Then, you’d supply it, charge them and move on. You only need a quoting tool for that.

Now, there’s a constant process to assess what your client already has and looking for solutions. Then you propose the best option for them, and they decide if they have the budget for it.

“For us, quoting is just a part of the process. And we want to make it easy. So, we want you to also show your tech prowess to your end clients during the sales process. Because that adds to their decision making.”

How Zomentum Fits into the MSP Sales Process

MSP clients today want to spend on technology, but they don’t really think about the ROI of the tools they choose. So, it’s your job to make them aware of what they need and how it will solve their problems.

Shruti says most MSPs don’t realise that they could 5x their revenue just by targeting their existing clients. They already know what their challenges are. So they can go back and say: “This is a potential problem, but I can send you a list of products that can fix it. Are you interested?”

In order to make that easier, Zomentum work on getting the best new products in front of MSPs. And they explain what end user use case it solves. Then you simply create a code so they can access the vendor’s marketing material within the platform.

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Using Zomentum for Assessment

Assessment is the first step of making your clients aware of where they are currently, and what they need to be aware of. Regular assessment means they’re aware off things that need fixing or improving now or later.

Shruti explains that Zomentum automate Microsoft assessments for their partners, so they can log in with their client’s credentials, check all the tools and fix anything that the platform has flagged up. Therefore, the MSP simply fills in a template to share problems and solutions with the client. 

Why a Quarterly Business Review isn’t the Way to Go

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is common in many organisations, but some companies are starting to move away from that. “I think a quarter is a very long duration. And internally we want to rename it to TBR: Technology Business Review.”

The idea of the TBR is that it’s done when needed and at a frequency that you and your client agree on. So that way, it’s not delayed until the next quarter end. Sometimes you might need to review weekly, particularly if it’s something very high risk, like a cybersecurity issue.

Shruti adds that regular TBRs can also help MSPs make money. You proactively flag issues and resolve them, so the client doesn’t go to someone else for help. Zomentum has automations which run in the background to track tools and quickly alert you to issues. 

Want more information on QBRs? This article might help.

How the Goolash Acquisition Will Help with MSP Sales

Zomentum have recently acquired Goolash, a billing and reconciliation tool. They’d noticed that one of the problems with SaaS is that monthly billing can include thousands of endpoints. So many, in fact, that some will be overlooked and left off the invoices.

The Goolash tool solves that problem, by tracking every endpoint. Now, MSPs can be sure they’re billing the clients and paying the vendors correctly. The solution fits in with Zomentum’s revenue platform concept seamlessly.

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